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Child Custody Rights

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Child custody can be at the heart of many divorce litigations or separation proceedings.  Rights of all parties involved need to be protected & need to be known in order for the best possible outcome to evolve. Buchin Law Office will use our more than 25 years of experience as St. Cloud attorneys to guide you to the best possible result for your unique child custody case. We understand Minnesota state laws regarding child custody rights and will make sure you understand them and make the best choices for your case too.

When children are involved in the break up of a marriage, it is important to protect the rights of all parties involved. We are particularly interested in the rights & interests of the minor children. One important aspect of the dissolution of a marriage involving children is who the primary provider will be for the children’s needs. In many Minnesota Child Custody Cases, one parent will be the primary caregiver & the other has routine parenting time. This isn’t the only option, though. Having an experienced child custody attorney understanding your unique situation & fighting for your rights, will make a difference in the outcome of your situation.

St Cloud MN Child Custody Attorney

Child custody can easily be the most important aspect of your Minnesota divorce proceedings. Determining who will be the sole caregiver for your children, if each parent will split parenting time equally or a different arrangement will be made will be important for the future of your family. Divorce situations aren’t the only family law circumstances that involve child custody. Parents may have been a couple for a long time, a short time or even not at all. No matter what the parental situation is, the focus at Buchin Law Office is on the resolution of child custody.

Having a trusted and experienced child custody attorney protecting your rights will make a difference. The arrangement that is finalized in your custody case will affect your future. In many divorce cases, the courts want to keep both parents involved in their children’s lives. If there is a strong case against one parent having a part in the children’s lives, it will be especially important to have a child custody lawyer on your side.

Minnesota Child Custody Guidelines

Minnesota courts consider the best interest of the child in determining child custody & parenting time schedules. Courts will look at determining factors. Those factors will be who has been the primary caregiver & who can provide a stable living environment. There are some child custody cases that can be settled out of court. These cases often involve each party making an effort based on their attorneys experienced recommendations. Be sure your child custody attorney has the expertise you need to have on your side.

Legal Custody or Physical Custody/Sole Custody or Joint Custody

There are two separate types of custody in Minnesota. There is legal custody & physical custody. Legal custody allows the parents to make life-altering decisions for the child. They decide what school they attend or which religion they will practice as well as make any medical decisions. Physical custody refers to who the child lives with most of the time. Each type of custody can be divided in different ways as well. Joint custody is when the parents share the legal decisions and/or the physical arrangements. There also could be sole custody, which means that one parent has the right to make all legal decisions and/or have solitary physical custody. Each of these options requires research and knowledge. Contact Buchin Law Office today to begin your child custody case.

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