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LawHelpMN.org Legal Help MN is a legal site that is for non-lawyers and has links to publications that include topics such as divorce, custody, parenting time, child support, LGBT Family Issues, Paternity, Adoption, and Relative custody.
Getting a Divorce: A Basic Guide to Minnesota Law Getting a Divorce: A Basic Guide to Minnesota Law is a booklet which explains a person’s rights in a Minnesota divorce and includes information about division of property, maintenance, abuse, custody, child support, and parenting time.
Orders for Protection and Harassment Restraining Orders This is a booklet which describes a person’s legal options for dealing with domestic abuse issues.
Minnesota Marriage Records Search MOMS (MN Official Marriage System) is a public online source to access marriage record information in Minnesota.
Filing a “Pro Se” Appeal of a Family Court Case in the Minnesota Appellate Court This booklet is published by Battered Women’s Legal Advocacy Project.
Minnesota Fathers & Families Network Resource which has a list of agencies that provide services directly for fathers.
Guide to Child Support & Spousal Maintenance Cost-of-Living Adjustments Guide published by Minnesota Office on the Economic Status of Women (OESW) and to help obtain a cost-of-living adjustment to a child support or spousal maintenance order.
Resources for Families Information by the University of Minnesota Extension has on how to thrive after a family transition.


What to Expect During a Divorce

What to Expect During a Divorce

What should you expect during a divorce? Divorce expectations explained - St Cloud Divorce Attorney David Buchin Knowing what to expect in a divorce can help prepare you for the journey. No two divorces are the same, yet each one has an impact on everyone’s lives who...

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Minnesota Drug Charges

Minnesota Drug Charges

Frequently asked questions about drug charges in Minnesota Drug charge questions answered by St Cloud Criminal Defense Attorney David Buchin Minnesota laws can be confusing and being charged with a drug crime can be overwhelming. The following information...

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