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When charged with a crime time is crucial to your defense

Being convicted of a crime can affect your life in countless ways — now and in the future. If you are facing allegations — such as DWI or DUI, drug charges, assault charges or theft charges — in or around St Cloud MN, you need a powerful & effective criminal defense attorney, like Buchin Law Office, fighting for your rights.

Everything from future employment issues to future criminal charges can be affected by one poor decision. Without an effective criminal defense attorney on your side, you could feel the effects of one poor decision for years to come. You could apply for a new, exciting job only to find out your past conviction showed up on a criminal background check and your employment eligibility could be revoked. Employers have the right, in certain cases, to use a past conviction against you when deciding whether or not to hire you. Let an effective, powerful criminal defense attorney be proactive in your criminal case. 

Being convicted of a crime could also affect how a future criminal offense is charged, if you should get in trouble again. You could be charged with a higher degree crime than you would have been without a previous conviction. A misdemeanor could be increased to a gross misdemeanor and a gross misdemeanor could be increased to a felony. It is important to have an effective criminal defense attorney on your side – fighting for your rights – it’s unfair for your entire future to be at risk, because of one wrong decision.

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St Cloud & Stearns County, MN Criminal Defense Attorney That Will Fight For You

Criminal laws in Stearns County, and in Minnesota in general, are complex and can be confusing. Building a defense strategy is a process that requires knowledge & experience. Choose St Cloud area, Buchin Law Office, as your criminal defense attorney with all of these qualities and more. Our main goal is to keep your criminal record as clean as possible, no matter what charge you are facing. Whether you are being charged with drug charges, drunk driving charges, theft charges, or assault charges, we will work hard to keep your criminal record as clean as possible. We will evaluate the criminal charges against you with our free, no-obligation initial consultation, without judgement. We will discuss your case and talk about possible strategies and outcomes.

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Our office has the experience and know-how to protect your record from all types of criminal misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, and felony charges. Some of the types cases we have won and have an proven track record in are:

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The majority of Stearns County criminal cases are resolved during the pretrial portion of the case. With this in mind, we will evaluate the strength of the state’s case against you. We will determine if the evidence can be challenged and/or suppressed. If this applies to the criminal charges against you, there is a good chance of avoiding a trial altogether. An example of this would be in a DWI charge. We will investigate whether or not the traffic stop was valid and whether or not the police officers did everything they were supposed to do. If they made any mistakes — the drunk driving charges could be dismissed. There are many issues that will be investigated, explored and evaluated in every criminal case we take on. We will be thorough with every aspect of your case and will always have your best interest in mind. You can trust our legal defense team in St Cloud, MN to represent your rights and interests in any criminal law case. No case is too big or too small for Buchin Law Office.

Criminal defense for college students St Cloud MN

Defense Attorney Representing St Cloud Area College Students 

College students, who are charged with crimes while attending any of the St. Cloud area colleges or universities, need effective legal representation. It’s important that college students in the Stearns County area get the best possible criminal defense attorney available. Facing criminal charges while away at school can be overwhelming & can affect the rest of your life.

The legal defense team at Buchin Law Office will be sure to provide the highest level of legal counsel. We will also supply any extra support necessary in these delicate criminal defense cases. Often times, it’s only one poor decision that can lead to a possible permanent criminal history, do not let that happen to you. The charges against college students can range from minor consumption of alcohol to drug possession charges to simple assault charges and beyond.

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If you or someone you know is in need of a criminal defense attorney, contact the criminal defense experts at Buchin Law Office – representing people from all areas of Central MN. You can be sure to get the best legal advice Stearns County has to offer when retaining the defense attorney at our downtown St Cloud location. We are an experienced criminal defense attorney, ready to take on your case & fight for your legal rights.

We represent clients in these areas of criminal law: DWI charges, DUI charges, drug possession charges, intent to distribute charges, assault charges, domestic violence charges, theft charges and burglary charges. We also are experienced in representing area college students and will be happy to help you with your legal problem. Contact us today to get a jump start on your legal strategy and protect your future.

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What may seem minor to you could prove detrimental to your future. Do not settle for an inexperienced attorney, you need representation that will ensure you don’t lose valuable rights.


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