Marital Property Division in Minnesota

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Marital property distribution in Minnesota - help from St Cloud Divorce Attorney Buchin Law Office


It is important that your rights are protected when considering the division of marital property. There are many details to take into consideration when making an agreement as to marital assets and/or spousal maintenance. St. Cloud divorce attorney, Buchin Law Office, will ensure that you are looked out for and that your interests are protected. We have the qualifications and experience to understand the Minnesota laws when it comes to property division.

 Common Property is not the Minnesota Law

Minnesota is not a common property state. What this means for your division of marital property is that it does not have to be divided 50-50. A family law attorney who understands the complex Minnesota Common Property Law will be the best tool for you in order to keep the property that is rightfully yours. The law takes into consideration what is classified as real property and what is classified as personal property. The distinction between the two can seem arbitrary until you understand how important it can be for your unique case.


Real Property vs Personal Property in Divorce

The distinction between the two types of property can be extremely important in your divorce proceeding and it is important to have an expert family law attorney who understands the differences fighting for your rights. The two types of property are real property and personal property. Real property are things such as real estate, commercial property or land. Personal property includes bank accounts, stocks or bonds, retirement accounts, automobiles, recreational vehicles, clothing, jewelry and furniture. Marital property is all property, real or personal, acquired by either spouse during the duration of the marriage. Non-marital property is property that either spouse acquired separately and usually prior to the marriage. Non-marital property can include things such as gifts, inheritance and property acquired before the marriage. This property is not subject to division in most cases.


Minnesota is a No-Fault State

The State of Minnesota is a no-fault state, which means it does not matter who is at fault for the break up of the marriage, all that matters is how to move forward and how to dissolve the marriage fairly. The family law attorneys at Buchin Law Office will work hard to make sure you get what is rightfully yours including, but not limited to, real estate, retirement plan accounts, savings and other real property. Your case is unique and we will treat it as such, we will find the best solution for your situation and fight to get you a favorable outcome.


Family Law Attorney Helps with Division of Marital Property During Divorce Proceedings

Divorce proceedings are emotional enough without the added stress of not knowing the property division laws in Minnesota. Buchin Law Office will protect your rights while helping you to understand the laws that apply to your unique case. Contact Buchin Law Office today to discuss your property division, divorce and/or child custody case. We can help! Call our office at 320-259-7727 or complete our hassle-free contact form to get a timely response from us to schedule your free, no-obligation initial consultation.


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